I am an INFP, Gemini, and Year of the Rat. So.....there isn't much to say, I let people choose what they think of me. Everyone's opinion is different. :)

The ways of you

I don’t want to seem selfish or rude…but even if there was hundreds of my friends around me it wouldn’t subside my pain…its not going to bandaid or fix why it hurts or longs. I sing the song of ours when it comes on in the store and suddenly 800,000,000 memories fly through my mind!! And that’s all I can think about!!!

The reasons behind our tears

When you cry quietly its so no one can hear you because you want them to come looking for you on your own or because you are lonely. When you cry loudly you are hurt and scared and want someone there and you feel the pain just as much when its silent. But you can’t hold it in anymore.

The things you say

But is it truly worth the price of pain and hardships and struggles…would I really be that worth it after all of that put together….?

Those of you who know

One person has the power to turn your whole world upside down and inside out, not because you let them, but because you love them and you trusted them, and they took the advantage over you to just knock you down and leave you there. Just one word could set you off not by your gender but by your character.

A lingering lost light

I am devoured by darkness…I have no soul, no light. I am pessimistic..I am immune to love…I am scared…I have lost warmth, love, trust. Been betrayed…lies upon lies eat at my flesh and am sacrificed to depression…

Why choose me…?

You are hurt internally by me child. Why do you insist on staying…? You could have so much more with someone who has light, a soul, always and forever happiness. Someone who is not in the depths of depression by a single word or words…you could be at peace with someone so full of life…why me…?

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I have been making art for ever since I can remember, my dream is to hopefully become an inspirational animator if not alongside a teacher. I am willing to take in requests to draw to earn money for college. Some of my requests are as shown here: https://www.facebook.com/KamiCreations224

Please Like, Comment, and Contact me on any pieces of art you would like me to try. Thanks~

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Wolverine cat vs fly


Wolverine cat vs fly


i thought my artist friends would appreciate this omfg

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